Mobile learning, also known as “m-learning”, providesmodern methodsto support theteaching-learningprocessby usingdifferentmobile devices, such as laptops, iPods, tablets and smartphones . M-learning is defined as “theability to accesseducational resources, tools and materialsanywhereand everywhere, usinga mobile device” . Today, learners are continually on the move, taking ideas and learning resources from a specific location and developing them in another location . This potential should beused to combineacademic lifeand the socio-economicdemands of the moment, specifically in the presence of current economic difficulties. This type of learning has received considerable attention in the educational environment.

educational mobile application development

Moreover, customizable user profiles make learners identifiable and provide app owners with valuable user data. Live chat support and push notifications can also boost app engagement while adding a personal touch to each interaction. Among the key market drivers of video streaming is real-time interaction between the viewers and the streamer. As a result, the learning process becomes more personal and engaging.

Our Education Application Development Process

There are the following additional features of e-learning applications. Tests and regular checks are integral to the educational process. You may develop mobile solutions for corporate users and educational institutions to enable them to run check-ups more efficiently. Online tests are perfectly suitable for multiple-choice or short questions. Babbel and Duolingo are the two most renowned language apps among dozens of others.

Because of their great service, they have become an integral part of our business and we will continue to use them going forward. Our integrity and process focuses largely on providing every customer the best recommendations for their respective business. Our clients become recurring customers because we always go beyond their expectations to deliver the best solutions. We also have a transparent development process which allows our clients to get involved in all the development process.

educational mobile application development

They can make your app stand out in the crowded market and attract tech-savvy users. Mobile application development is a set of procedures and processes used in writing software for wireless computing devices such as tablets or smartphones. The processes followed in mobile application development are similar to web application development. The main difference is that mobile apps are often designed with unique features for mobile devices. For example, a gaming application can be designed to take advantage of a mobile device accelerometer. Speaking about educational app development, we tend to think about learning applications for students with various purposes.

It can also be used to convert lectures into a series of messages. This game-changing technology will determine the kids’ comprehension level. In a nutshell, chatbots provide students with a tailored learning experience. E-learning standards are standardized guidelines for material, writing software, and learning management systems .

If you want to make a native mobile app, you need to use a programming language — Swift and Kotlin . In the case of cross-platform development, developers can utilize Flutter. Before developing an educational app, you need to draw up a list with features for your project. As videos have become the most powerful way for people to view and digest new information, you can create video lectures where teachers explain learning programs just like in real life. These instructional videos work for various types of educational apps. We provide dedicated resources to all our education and e-learning apps development projects which helps us ensure high quality services.

E-books have taken open the vast majority of the market of traditional paper-based books and mobile applications for this niche will be a fruitful idea for students. You can provide different e-books which are useful for students, their academic growth, and personal growth. To make it interesting, incorporate the audiobook option for students who like listening to books instead of reading them. One clear advantage of our system is that our partners can track edtech app development progress almost in real time. Whichever app development company you choose to work with, always seek this transparency.

This will help to fill knowledge gaps and strengthen weak spots. Users will abandon the app if they experience repeating errors. Regular updates, fixed bugs constant improvements, new features, performance, and security are things that keep your app on the market. The second one is a cloud-based application, used for remote learning.

App developers can either sell the product to an institution or make an agreement to use their learning materials in the app. As you can see, there are numerous technologies and tools that fit a particular app development approach. To make a good choice, it’s crucial to take into account such factors as your project requirements, goals, scalability, and app security. This feature enables teachers to add, edit, or remove courses. Using this feature, teachers can upload videos, photos, PDF documents, interactive exercises to test knowledge, and other learning materials.

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This trend or attitude of app seekers is more evident in the post-pandemic times. Student community app will help students voice their opinions or concerns through the right platform. With this app, students can interact with other students as well to find some useful tips or put requirements for things such as notebooks or tuition requirements. Without a doubt, it will prove to be an amazing platform for students.

Business model canvas allows studying the platform and singling out the interesting features. Below you can find business models of two educational giants — DuoLingo and Coursera. We’ve added value propositions, business partners, and revenue streams. If you want to implement something like this in your educational application, you should use – one of the most popular tools for implementing AI-powered chatbots.

For English courses, Busuu allows users to choose the goal of education and the level at which the user currently is. At the end of the onboarding personalization, the app reveals when users will achieve their language goals. Users exchange real money for a bulk of in-app currency that they can spend on extra lives or bonuses. Usually the amount of ‘gems’ can’t be divided by items’ costs without a remainder. So users are motivated to buy extra currency to spend it all completely. A competition element can motivate users to spend more time on the app to boost their points and placement.

Learning a foreign language, students need to have constant practice. A lot of modern apps offer fun games for learning new words or watching educational videos. For example, DuoLingo provides users with a test to find out the user’s knowledge level of the language. In contrast, Memrise offers watching short videos with native speakers.


This app category can either provide academic support or assist users in a more effective studying process by tracking and monitoring their success and performance. For more information on this exciting degree program, connect with a helpful admissions representative today. Practicing is important if you want to keep your skills sharp. This is why you should regularly practice coding, programming, and development.

educational mobile application development

Providing students with easy-to-use interactive applications allows maintaining the communication between them and the educational institution or the brand, or whoever the provider is. We prepare a roadmap to make the process as clear and predictable to you as possible. Our managers also help you prioritize the app’s features to lower the production cost. Is useful for exam prep and can also serve as a reference source. Some universities also use online courses as part of the education process.

Educational app development in 2023: all you need to know

The access to e-learning through mobile phones made it much easier every new learning is a click away. Embracing new opportunities for students is now reachable through browsing. Enterprise-ready solutions are available that stick towards helping if any hustle is seen along with providing a maximum profit.

Appinventiv has a vast experience in delivering education app features using the latest learning techniques-gamification, social learning, blended learning, and interactivities. Educational apps are software you use to learn a language or other skills. They are meant to help you learn a language, study a subject at school, or develop other skills. E-Learning involves using electronic devices and applications to find, access, refine, and pass knowledge to others. Even though the functionality will vary depending on the type of educational application, some features are present in most e-learning solutions.

Then, thoroughly research your niche and identify their needs and pain points. Based on the obtained data, you can form a set of critical features that will address your audience’s issues. And so as education mobile app development that is more relevant than ever before. Contact us if you’re ready to create a unique educational solution for the world. We have over 15 years of work experience in the industry as an education and e-learning apps development company in India.

  • As you can see, this market is extremely promising, and every year the market will reach new heights and it’s about time to break into it with your own custom solution.
  • Here are some of the top features of learning applications and education apps that we have already developed.
  • A bunch of cool apps like ExamPrep or GradeUp make students’ lives easier.
  • Apple has strict requirements for applications targeting kids.
  • Teaching apps are a good way for students to find coaching through mobile apps.

Also, we’ll provide you with a final cost to make an education app. COVID-19 pandemic, educational mobile app development appears even more relevant than ever before. Help to learn a subject, master a skill, or even organize a learning process for others. They can be just mobile apps, desktop services, online platforms, and more. Having the skills in AI, and blockchain development makes things easier.

An online platform edX offers over 2.800 courses in different subjects. If users have to spend too many hours doing the task, they will get bored. So that, using instructional videos is a great way to teach and keep them approach to the whole learning process. And, of course, don’t forget to reward the learner when they successfully completed the task.

Relevant information about the particular learning category and subject must be regularly updated. In the given times when education becomes more and more digitalized, it makes sense to have screen sharing & recording facilities for the apps. Screen sharing makes it convenient to have convenient presentations. Session Recordings lend comfort to students and are helpful for students during exams and assessments. Plus, smooth file sharing helps teachers and students coordinate and exchange information. Hybrid app development is a perfect choice if you are looking into developing an educational app that offers both web and native solutions.

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Students can get easy consultation from specialist teachers who can guide them for a better future in terms of academics. Also, having an app like this will eliminate the need for disabled kids to physically attend classes and go through trouble because of their disability. Likewise, in Duolingo, they collect your age but don’t adjust the content, basically teaching you as if you were a baby.