A VDR is a computer-based system that records a stream of data coming from various sensors on board a ship. The recorded data is then processed into a various forms, including a online video replay associated with an accident. It can also be used like a training device and a method of reinforcing existing good practices on a ship.

A VDR can be whether fixed or removable press storage device. A permanent storage device is often installed on a ship. Removable press may also be used as a management tool, including to store info about accidents.

Some VDRs use particular data types that present unique strains. These include the requirement what is the purpose of a data audit to maintain the dependability of the data. Frequently , the data can be stored in a circular stream called a documents namespace.

VDRs are intended to record the factual release of incidents. Therefore , it is important to adhere to strict chain of guardianship protocol. This involves accurate exercising and appropriate equipment to be installed on the ship.

Every ship differs from the others, so it is critical to install VDRs in line with the manufacturer’s guidance and suggestions. In addition , it is best to possess a second backup of the Certificate of Conformity on board.

Generally, a VDR will include a data collecting unit, a concentrator, a safety storage product, and a software programme. They all are connected to a deck-mounted protective capsule.

A protective pills should be built to withstand deepsea pressure, flame, and transmission. It should be located as nearby the center within the ship as it can be.